Guitar Straps, Shoulder Straps And Accessories
Pre-Cut & Custom

Designed for the Do-It-Yourself individual who makes their own straps

These strap ends use a nylon base that will not tear. On top of that is a shell to give the strap end its attractive - and eye-catching - look. Each guitar strap end is approximately 4.5 inches long, including loop, and 2 inches wide. Each of the shoulder bag straps are approximately 6 inches long

The guitar strap ends are longer then the usual ones that can be bought from other sources. In spite of the strap ends being non-tear, they are very flexible. The shoulder ends allow for the addition of conchos, medallions or patches

And for that person who wants a finished, custom guitar strap or shoulder, we have a complete set of offerings

The following are examples of what can be done

Custom Straps . . . . with or without a name on the strap

The straps are also available as a matching set, guitar and shoulder

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