You will need a wide, flat blade screwdriver

If you use a narrow blade screwdriver, you could scar up the screw posts

To begin, you remove the lead strap end by removing the screw post as shown

Removing the screw posts can be a bit difficult. If so, apply pressure to the bottom
of the screw post while undoing the screw. Then remove the strap end


Once that is done, you will need to remove the other strap end by opening up the body of the guitar strap.
Do this by pushing the strap body end through the buckle. You may need to angle it through as shown


Once you have the body of the strap opened up, you can remove the back strap end

When re-assembling, make sure you lay the strap out as shown below, with the adjustment buckle on the underside

Slide the the replacement strap end into place as shown


Once the new strap end is in place, slide the strap back through the buckle.

Make sure you run the strap body through both holes in the buckle

Then place the lead strap end and tighten the screw posts

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