Our Guitar and Shoulder Strap Ends - the best we can make them and completely vegan.

There is no leather used. Each strap end is a nylon base with a faux leather FABRIC shell that is sewn and riveted to ensure quality of construction and the best look to make YOU look good

Each strap end is completely hand-made, each one is a creation on to itself

Strap ends are available online at

We offer custom work, too, from the simple to the involved.
And with the way the strap ends are made,
just about any color is achievable as long as the fabric is available

There are separate custom options available

Stitching Only ........................ Full Workup

Stitching only allows you to choose from 5 colors what stitching you'd like

Full Workup is just that, you choose everything

Shown here are just a few examples of using conchos

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