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Q&A, Sometimes known as FAQ's

1) How to swap/replace guitar strap ends

Take the lead end and remove the screwposts

Once that is done, remove the screwposts and the strap end and run the end back through the slide adjuster. It is best to "angle" the end back through because of the leather caps.

Now take the other strap end off

Reassembly is the reverse of these steps except for one caveat. When re-assembling, lay out the straps so that you can have the trailing strap end with the side to be "up" (face out) in the proper position

Directions with images

2) Why guitar straps? Though I have played a guitar in the past, most people accuse me of being tone deaf. "Those that can, do. Those that can't, help" :)

Why shoulder bag straps? More people have bags then guitars and having a matching set of guitar and shoulder straps seems like a cool thing to offer.

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